Return Policy

It is the Customer’s responsibility to timely discover and report all damage or shortage in materials or parts within 7 days of receiving the product.

The shipping packaging is not weatherproof, so appropriate storage measures should be undertaken upon receipt of your SheerGuard product.

Claims Procedures:

  1. SheerGuard will make appropriate adjustments, at their election, for damaged or shorted materials or parts within 30 days of delivery.
  2. Upon approval of a return and the issuance of a return authorization you may return your order to the company upon the following conditions:
    1. Carefully prepare the material for return. Use the original packaging, if in good condition. If not, then use appropriate packaging to protect all materials and parts.
    2. Include all parts. Missing parts, if not reported to SheerGuard as part of the original claim, will not be refunded.
    3.  Include photos of damage to product on opening of package.

Customer Credits:

  1. Upon return of the materials, SheerGuard will inspect them and determine the resale value if any.
  2. The value may be reduced by the replacement cost of missing or damaged parts not reported in your claim.
  3. Not available for refund:
    1. Shipping costs
    2. Cost of customizing, or custom parts
    3. Custom ordered materials are not returnable for a full refund